Jeweler Mary Ann Archer

Harbor Springs Jeweler Mary Ann Archer

Unleashed Creative Expression coupled with Honest Values.

Mary Ann Archer has been designing and making jewelry for almost 50 years. In 2000 she opened her first retail jewelry store in Harbor Springs, Michigan, returning full circle to where she first began as a young working artist in 1970.

Previous to this, Mary Ann lived and practiced her art both as a  jeweler and fine art painter in Santa Fe New Mexico for 27 years. She had a one woman show in Paris and also painted a 40 foot mural for Euro Disney.

Personalized customer service, original and wearable designs highlighted by quality craftsmanship are the foundations of her business and every piece of jewelry she has ever made. “I love giving women special attention and the permission to feel pretty and beautiful about themselves. The compliments women receive when they wear my jewelry confirm themselves in more than one way. Wearable designs are paramount for me because no matter how fantastic the design or technique employed, if it isn’t comfortable, it ends up sitting in a drawer somewhere.”

In 2011 Mary Ann began her latest collection – her Equestrian-Horse Jewelry.

“Over the years I have had several requests from customers to make some equestrian designs, but it wasn’t until the winter of 2011 while recovering from the flu, that I dived into it. Truthfully, I was a pleasantly surprised at how well I was able to carve a horse in wax. Most importantly, I loved it!  After making jewelry all of my life, it’s an amazing gift to discover a new and exciting artistic expression. I’ve always loved horses and loved riding since I was a young girl, and although I’ve never owned my own horse I’ve now found my perfect niche with these magnificent creatures. As an added bonus, I have the privilege to share my God given artistic talents with all those who love horses and fine hand crafted jewelry.

In addition to this website, equestrian-horsejewelry.com, Mary Ann’s jewelry can also be seen at her other website, Mary Ann Archer, her facebook page https://www.facebook.com/maryannarcherequestrianjewelry/,her retail store in downtown Harbor Springs, Michigan and various art fairs and horse shows. Check out her schedule under Assistance on the home page, for current shows coming up this year.

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