“RE-CREATING YOUR JEWELERY BOX MEMORIES INTO WEARABLE TREASURES”       has been my motto for over thirty years.

Exclusive designs for custom jewelry  has become a very important and specialized service offered at Mary Ann Archer Fine Jewelry and Equestrian Horse Jewelry. Experience and insight has provided a unique ability to work personally with clients so that when the job is completed, there are no surprises, we’ve attained our goal and our customers are thrilled with the outcome.

We take time in getting to know you and to discover what you are looking for and what you hope to realize with your new piece of jewelry. When purchasing new stones for you, our resources are of the highest quality and at fair prices. And whether we are resetting your stones or ones we’ve purchased for you, we take very special care in setting them properly and securely because quality craftsmanship throughout the entire project is our goal.

We want you to love wearing your custom designer jewelry that we have created for you and we make it to last a lifetime.


1.) When you view the Custom Jewelry Category, please keep in mind that it was made for our clients who may have had a special idea for their project and that these pieces are sold. Due to the structure of our website, we were unable to eliminate the the “$0.00 and add to cart”, so just ignore them.

2.) Due to the increasing upward swing in the cost of precious metals, findings, diamonds and color stones, custom job estimates must be considered as: APPROXIMATE or ESTIMATES. There are many variables in making custom jewelry, but the main determining cost factors are the design, labor, and materials, such as: the time it takes to produce a design for an idea a customer may have had in mind- in a satisfactory manner, or the time it takes to carve a master wax, the complexity of a design, the size or weight of the object, the difficulty in stone setting; such as fancy cuts, multiple stones or stone quality itself, along with many other variables not mentioned here. Keeping these things in mind, along with unanticipated project possibles, the final cost will always be determined at the finish of the job. Diamond prices given on this website are based on a high quality, white color stones: F-G color SI. Final prices will also be figured based on the customer needs, choice of metal and gemstones.

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