WandaSetThe art of hand engraving on metal dates back to the 1st millennium, but its practice became a relatively lost art form until only recently when skilled craftsmen began creating this type of jewelry again.

When engraving any piece from my Equestrian or Horse Jewelry Collection, each piece is uniquely designed and engraved by hand, creating a true one of a kind piece of jewelry, gifting the owner to an exceptional work of art for millenniums to come.

It takes great patience, learned skill, a steady hand and foresight to create this kind of metal embellishment. I’ve always been drawn to hand engraving and learned to respect and love it ¬†while living in Santa Fe New Mexico. After my son came to work with me in Michigan, he began studying with a hand engraver who gave him the basics with expert training. It has taken five years of hard work and lots of hours to arrive at the skill level he is at today. All the engraved jewelry shown on this website is designed and made by me and engraved by hand by my son, Adam Garret. Check out his facebook page: Adam Garret Jewelry.

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